Cute Good Night Quotes

100 Cute Good Night Quotes , Text Messages, & Wishes, for Her (Girlfriend)

100 Cute Good Night Text Messages, Wishes, Quotes for Girlfriend (Her)

Love knows no bounds that’s why the relation of boyfriend and girlfriend is boundless. Love doesn’t care about physical beauty, love is all about inner beauty. Love needs friendship in its base. Every girl wants her boyfriend to love her, make her feel special, care for her, do sweet things, send her love messages, and much more. So, If you want to make your girl feel beautiful, you can’t sleep without sending a cute or romantic good night message to your girlfriend. To make your work easy, we have a complete list of these types of messages for you. If she is angry or upset, then these good night love messages will be helpful. So, let’s see the best romantic Goodnight texts for her that will make her astonished.

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Good Night Quotes for Her:

  1. Ni8 came into its own… relax nd drm about d day we meet. Goodnight honey!!
  2. You r the reason why I hv sleepless nights, You r the reason y I tend to hold my pillow tight, nd you r the reason I can not sleep without saying goodnight
  3. Always end d day with a positive thght nd grateful hrt. Good Night!!
  4. I like d night bcz without the dark, we would nvr see the stars, I wish u sweet dreams
  5. B’ful dreams; stars; the moon; flowers; and sunsets hv nothing on u girl. You make d world a brighter place even when you are going to bed. 
  6. I knw that u are bzy, but I wanted 2 tell u to hv a good night
  7. I nvr have to worry abt bad dreams again, I jst close my eyes, think of u, nd everything is perfect again.
  8. My ni8 is always d same, I jump in d shower, brush my teeth nd spend d whole night thinking about uh and It is perfect!
  9. My wishes for u tonight r dreams filled wid luv, peace, comfort nd thoughts of me!!
  10. When I lay in bed I think my lucky stars tht I have u in my life.
  11.  Uh are the one thing I luv the most in dis world, You hv given me hope whn all I see is darkness.
  12. The stars r shining nd the wind is blowing, Everything seems still nd perfect awaiting foh earth’s angel 2 rest her head on d pillow and close her eyes!!! Good night!!
  13. Hey It’s time 2 go 2 bed, bt I want u to know tht I love you nd cherish evry moment tht we spend together.,
  14. I hope It is not too late 2 tell u goodnight nd tht I love u more thn anything in ths world!!
  15. Fall asleep hpy toni8 my love, Knw that we r always together in our hrts evn when we r separated in the distance!
  16. Swt dreams airlines is boarding, nd it is time to meet ur captain “ME”
  17. Quick, It is time to go to bed, The faster u fall asleep, the faster we cn b together in the mrng.
  18.  I jst woke up realizing tht smthng was missing; Without u by my side, its so hard to fall asleep$$
  19. You r the light of d world.. Whn I wake up, u are the sun tht beams on my face, When I’m in bed, u are the light of d moon tht creeps in between d shades.
  20. You r on my mind so mch tht I thought I’d text u to tell u goodnight nd I love you.
  21. Every ni8, God sprinkles A little magic dust on u whn you’re sleeping to mke u evn more beautiful whn u wake u.
  22. The ni8 is finally here,and nothing I can do cn make me stop thinking of u.,I hope ur dreams bring u happiness nd my thoughts bring u love.
  23. I was nvr a religious prsn until I met u! God snt me an angel to shw me tht some things r simply unexplainable.
  24. I am lying in bed thinking of u, I always thght tht my life was going to b planned out, you knw simple nd boring. Whn I met u, my hrt skipped a beat, nd we’ve bn on a rollercoaster evr since.
  25. Luking 8 the moon brings a smile 3 my face. Open ur window nd look at it too. We’re 2 souls apart, bt looking at the world together!!

These were the best good night quotes for your girlfriend. Good night messages are the messages that we receive from our loved ones. These messages show that you are in deep love with someone. Love is one of the most profound emotions known to a human being. But nowadays love is lost in this corporate world. One does not have time to love and express one’s feeling to beloved ones. But with the use of social media, one can easily express his/her love by sending a beautiful good night text for her. Send these greetings to someone special and make them happy with these good night greetings which can make his/her day complete and hit their bed with a satisfied smile. You can post these messages as your Facebook status or your WhatsApp Status.

In this money making world, we often forget that there are many people behind us who care for us, weather it is a family, friend or girlfriend. A girlfriend is someone who is by your side in good and bad situations, who can stand for you, fight for you, and she loves you very much. It is your responsibility that you should do the same to her. You should spend some time with her, or you may send some beautiful texts to her. Don’t think that whether I should send these messages to my girlfriend or not. Send her these immediately.

100 Cute Good Night Text Messages, Wishes, Quotes for Girlfriend (Her)

Good Night Messages for Her:

  1. Whn we r apart in sleep, the drm of u gives me company. So for u I leave dis persisting msg; evn in the darkest ni8, the light of ur luv shows me the way!! Don’t fear the blanket of ni8, still be by ur side wid the morning’s rising li8!!!
  2. I can wait no longer to be in ur arms, my swthrt – Good night.
  3. Between d million days passed & million days will come; there is only one today and I nvr wnt to let it pass without telling u tht I Love You. GN.
  4. 1000nds of miles i’d walk with you, Missing you mah luv- Good Night
  5. At ni8 when air blows my hairs, I suppose they r ur kisses. Missing uh too much my luv. Good Night.
  6. There r millions of stars in d sky, Bt i luv the ones in ur eyes. So, i will think of uh when going 2 bed.. Good Night !!
  7. Mah dream would come true 1 day- I wish and want to wake up with uh, till then Good Night.
  8. I want 2 come back to my home every ni8 bcz it is in ur arms – GN
  9. The day passed lyk every other day, the sun sets but my world has stopped.
  10. It’ll move on when I will see ur face tomorrow – GN
  11. My loneliness got a divine light when I saw ur face today and every day I want to like that.
  12. You are the princess from the ages. I am thankful to God that I have you in my life. Good night my love.
  13.  I want to be there to hold u tightly rather than sending this loving “GOOD NIGHT”
  14. All of my paths got their destination nd all my restlessness got a peace when i saw ur face today; Good Night My baby
  15. U knw I fall asleep by thinking of u and whn I wake up I think of u and again I fall asleep. You r never out of my thoughts. Good Night Love.
  16. Instead of sending u msg lyk Good Night, missing u, love u,  I just want – Can u plz smile for me once?
  17.  Nvr let ur dream go bcz they r tiny seeds for which ur beautiful tomorrow grows Have a good dream tonight
  18.  I enjoyed me 2day by thinking of being with u tomorrow; Good night
  19.  U know how much I feel good when I think that u are mine and I’m yours. Good Night
  20. Moon can not shine without night just like I can’t sleep without wishing u Good Night
  21.  I am sending u a pillow of happy thoughts for swt dreams and a prayer to protect u always…..  Good Night love
  22.  My day will not certainly ovr till I say: I love you: Good Night.
  23. Stop for A moment till my hrt get control, every problem cmng to Me, gt fall away if u r with me my luv GN!!
  24. Standing at the door I was thinking abt whom I luv the most & the one who come in my mind was u. So, Good Night Love.
  25. Just touching your hrt & closing your eyes, good night!

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world that can’t be seen or touched, but it can only be felt with the heart. So, a man should convey his feelings to her lover because it binds them together. Every moment has a feeling so why not make your every single moment a special one. That’s why we are providing you the best good night paragraphs and sweet dreams messages for her. So, express your love for her wholeheartedly, tell her how much you are missing her before sleep.

Love is when you say to your partner that I fall asleep with a smiley face just because I know I am going to meet you the next morning. If you and your girl are in a long distance relationship, send her these romantic good night text in Hindi because these little things make the bridge of your relationship strong. Every relationship has some sparks. So, don’t let this spark simmer. Tell her that she is the only key to your happiness by these Good Night Wishes for Her.

Good Night Wishes for Lover:

  1. I would walk a 1000 miles to b with u tonight….. Missing you good night
  2. Do not fear today! Monsters will not visit u as I’ll protect ur sleep. good night.
  3. Even if you are tired after a hard day & do not look at all 100%, I always love you 1,000% Good night.
  4. U will hv a hard day tomorrow, lie down to rest. I’m always with uh, even if I’m not with u physically, but in the mind – permanently. Sweet dreams love.
  5. My fvrt, I promise dat this teddy bear spends with u the last night, we will be together tmrw. Good night.
  6. I knw that it is tough for u to fall asleep without me, let it be d biggest nuisance in ur life. Soon we will nvr be apart, swt dreams.
  7. Evry night u r particularly beautiful, ur stunning hair surrounds u like a nimbus, I jst wnt to look at ur beauty, but for now, all I can do is to snd u this SMS nd my admiration. Good night!
  8. Evry night I bcm super cute, that’s why I’m sending u this msg. I’m kidding, darling, u r always on my mind.
  9. U are sleeping nw, nd I am thinking of u. You r a wonderful person nd a beautiful girl, I am really hpy that I have met u!! Good night
  10. D most handsome man wishes a good night 2 the prettiest woman in d world!
  11. My fvrt, I hope tht this night will be different frm other nights and u will finally sleep enuff. Sweet dreams.
  12. D sweetest girl in the world is lying n the bed nd reading this msg, I hope dat it will make u smile. Good night lovely.
  13. A human an lv widout water 10 days nd widout sleep 3 days, nd I can’t live a day widout u! Sweet dreams.
  14. I miss our conversations until d morning, d night is empty without u. Sweet dreams.
  15. Though I am not Hercules, I will always be able to protect u and ur peaceful sleep. Sleep tight baby.
  16. My drm is to create A paradise on earth for u and to fulfill all ur dreams. I dedicate my lyf to this. Good night sweetie.
  17.  I hope dat the dream in which u see me does not turn into a nightmare bcz I plan to cm to u every night. Sweet dreams my beloved.
  18. Let ur journey today in d realm of dreams will be pleasant nd interesting! Sweet dreams dear.
  19. In addition to the msg, u receive frm me a strong hug nd a gentle kiss. Good night
  20. Let me wish u a gud night, I hope dat soon I’ll fall asleep together with u and I’ll tell u these words personally.
  21. My luv, the night is a magical time when all hidden desires cm true, I hope that u will see me in ur dreams tonight.
  22.  I hate the night bcz it takes u away frm me, bt the idea that in morning we’ll meet again warms my hrt. Sleep tight my love.
  23. Uh are lying in ur bed and r watching the colorful dreams, tonight I’ll guard ur sleep. Good night beautiful.
  24. I’d go through thousands of kms just to kiss u before the bedtime nd to wish u a good night!!
  25. U are sleeping in a room flooded wid moonlight I wish I could hold u close nd never let u go Sweet dreams.

Love is timeless and endless so are your texts. Your sweet dream messages can put a smile on your partner’s face. So, keep sending goodnight texts. At night, there are two feelings either of loneliness or happiness. These goodnight texts aid you in making your girl happy. Keep the violin of your heart play your tone of love and make your girl feel special. Here are some good night wishes for her which can help you a lot.

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