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Congratulations on 18th birthday quotes

“Dear son, we wish you all the best for your 18th birthday. Since you are now of legal age, you can go where you want and do what you want, without us restricting you. Also, since you are of legal age, we inform you that from tomorrow you will be supporting yourself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Love you Mom and Dad! 😊”

“Happy Birthday. I hope you won’t be too spoiled by driving cars, accessing adult sites, gambling and betting and other benefits of adulthood, which we know you’ve been using up until now, only in secret.”

“Happy eighteenth birthday. If you were a dog you would be 126 years old. Hahaha, you’re so old…”

“Congrats on turning 18! You officially have the keys to your own future now.”

“Congratulations for beginning this next amazing chapter of life! Wishing you a fabulous 18th birthday.”

“Cheers to the start of a brand new adventure. All the best for your 18th!”

“18 years ago today was one of the most special days ever. Congratulations on being officially an adult now!”

“Wishing you lots of luck and success as you begin this journey into adulthood. Congratulations on being 18 today!

“As your age adds up so will all your amazing achievements; congrats for crossing yet another milestone of life.”

“Dare to dream big, aim high and reach far – here’s wishing you everything that life has in store as you turn 18 today”

“Welcome to world full of opportunities where age doesn’t matter, only talent does; congrats for making it this far”

“Your youthfulness brings hope and motivation to so many – may all those around be blessed by your existence; Happy Birthday”

“From childhood to adolescent moving onto becoming an adult – here’s congratulating the beautiful person that stands before us today”

“May life bring out the best within you as every moment counts just like discovering adulthood at its peak; Congrats on Turning Eighteen”

“Life rains dreams upon us and provides us with wings we need; fly high towards infinity while celebrating eighteen years”

“Dream Big, Fly High Celebrating Turning Eighteen – Here’s wishing You A Very Happy Birthday On This Special Day And Age”

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